Bangladesh Badminton Federation (BBF) is the official association for the regulation of Badminton sports in Bangladesh. BBF is working to make badminton popular among the youths of Bangladesh. Mr. Abdul Malek is current president of the executive committee and Mr. Md. Kabirul Islam Sikder is performing his duties as current General Secretary of the Executive Committee.


Badminton will be a vibrant and popular sport in Bangladesh that contributes towards nation building and social development by reaching out to all Bangladeshis in its pursuit of glory for the country.


  • To have a big pool of world class players
  • To lift the standard of women players
  • To have a bigger pool of back-up players for the men’s team and the women’s team
  • To ensure consistent success in the international arena
  • To develop a big pool of qualified international coaches and technical officials
  • To implement development programmes from grassroots to national level
  • To own fully integrated training centres at both national and state level
  • To make badminton ‘the sport’ of the country